1. Lil’ test of something coming soon(ish)


  2. Illustration I did a few weeks back. 


  3. My boy Alec Dudson interviewed me about what I have been up too recently last week for intern Magazine. check it out here http://intern-mag.com/meet-team-jack-taylor/ 


  4. Illustration I did for Huck Magazine a few months ago. Thanks again guys!


  5. Some photos from my trip to NYC last year. I will have a book out within the next few months based on my experiences there which will be printed by myself at Hato Press. Watch this space.


  6. Quick one. 


  7. Trying put some brushes


  8. WIP


  9. Illustration for YCN’s Ideas Elsewhere column. 


  10. Made this little guy today. Just kinda messing around with Illustrator and exploring it. If you want this for a shirt or something, Hit me up.


  11. First experience with Illustrator tonight.



  13. Actually did a bit if location drawing today in the mütter in Philly today which was cool.


  14. Got my copy of wrap 8 today! Some really great features in this issue, including a piece on this years new graduates which I was lucky enough to be in.


  15. (Source: dan-singer)